Thursday, March 1, 2012

After reading the Unlearning the Myths That Bind Us Critiquing cartoons and society I decided to discuss it with my sister. After explaining to my sister what the article was about she understands why I found it so interesting. She had ask me why was it so interesting to me and I told her that somebody was able to confess or be forward with themselves and admit that the media had a lot of influence on them. Then she told me a little bit about a similar magazine article she read about the media having a big impact on young adults. Then I also told her when I was reading this article it made me think deeper about the cartoons they were talking about. I did notice how a lot of these cartoons really portray certain kinds of characters in the society and it was not a good thing. I also told her I was surprise how this really bother people, but then I can remember as a little child watching these cartoons and being mind boggle in why Cinderella was always a white women. Another thing I said was why the poor people or servants were always the color people. Then I was surprise in what my sister started talking about because what she was saying seems like she read the article. She started to discuss stuff about the cartoons just like the article was saying. Then I continue on talking about how it would be really interesting to have a debate about this situation. I told her when I was reading throughout the whole book I been thinking about how great it would really be to have this be a universal argument. Talk about should these shows be banned from TV because it is teaching young children the wrong things. Since there so young they are learning from these shows and as they grow up their going to think that’s how life really is. This might sound stupid, but should there be an warning sign in the beginning of each show saying what is depicted here should not be taking seriously because it does not portrayed the real world.